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Disclaimers: Each Member of the House can only submit up to 15 projects. The House Appropriations Committee (HAC) will require Members of Congress to publicly post their requests online once submitted to HAC for consideration. Be aware that any and all information that you provide on your application may become publicly available in the future in order to comply with HAC and Congressional ethics requirements. In addition, be aware that submission of a request does not mean (1) that your request will automatically be made to the Appropriations Committee, or (2) that the Appropriations Committee will fund the request or fund it at the requested level. Please take these factors under consideration when deciding whether to make a request.

1. All request forms are DUE ON APRIL 13, 2022, by close of business. Early submission is encouraged.

2. All requests must be submitted via ONLINE FORM or E-MAIL.

3. If you choose to submit via email, use the following email address: Utilize the following format for the subject line of your e-mail: Organization’s Name followed by “FY23 General Funding Request” and, if you are submitting multiple project requests, “Request #1 of x.”

4. Only FULLY COMPLETED forms will be considered. If any questions are not applicable, write “N/A.” Do not leave any areas blank. If any fields or answers are left blank on this form, or if any required documentation is not provided with your application, your request will not be submitted to the Appropriations Committee.

Please review the submission guide found HEREIf you need assistance with this form, contact my office before the deadline: by phone at 202-225-4165 or email

5. If you have multiple requests, submit each request SEPARATELY. Please do not request funding for more than one project on a single application form. We also urge you to limit the number of requests.

6. Eligible Grantees: Non-profits and government entities are eligible. No for-profit entities are eligible. If you are unsure of your project or organization’s eligibility, please contact the office ASAP.

7. No multiyear funding requests will be considered. When determining your submission, be aware of the following: HAC will only consider one-year funding requests.

8. State and local matching requirements will not be waived if otherwise applicable. HAC will not waive matching requirements for projects that would otherwise have such requirements by statute or longstanding policy.

9. Provide the following documentation, if applicable:

· Proof of non-profit status – Submit IRS documentation of non-profit status.

· Demonstrated Community Support – All projects must have demonstrated community support. Examples include, but are not limited to:

o Letters of support from elected community leaders.

o Press articles highlighting the need for the requested project.

o Support from editorial boards.

o Resolutions passed by city councils or boards.

o Projects listed on State-use plans or community development plans.

Additional Required Documents - Upload Here

Provide the following supporting documentation as attachments separate from this form, if applicable:

· Proof of non-profit status – You can obtain proof of non-profit status on the IRS website here:

· One-page Technical Project Description, Scope of Work, and location where most of the work on the project will be carried out.

· Short Background Summary of Requesting Organization’s History, Mission, and Communities Served.

· Two or more examples of demonstrated Community Support for the Project (support for the applying agency will NOT qualify)

o Letters of Support from elected local officials

o Letters of Support from editorial boards

o State-use or community development plans

o Press articles

· Signed Attestation Letter

o For non-profits, please provide a letter from an expert, organization of authority, or governmental entity attesting to the feasibility of the project.

o For government entities, please provide a letter of attestation from senior officials involved in the project.

· A detailed budget document for the project detailing the following:

o Total Project Costs (federal appropriations + non-federal funding)

o Amount Requested as a percentage of total project costs.

o Intended use of Federal Funds – capital improvements, salaries/expenses/operational costs, or any other intended uses.

o Other non-federal funding sources

o Status and uses of funding from non-federal sources (i.e. solicited, received, obligated, etc.).

· Any supplemental information required due to the request type (e.g. a request related to the Energy and Water Development Appropriations bill). Please review the GUIDE for assistance on the required information.

· If you answer “YES” to question #9, provide a copy of the state or city use plan, or community development plan.

· If you answer “NO” to question #11, provide a one-page document detailing the expected duration of the project or whether additional federal appropriations will be required in the out-years

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