Please Note - this is the form for General, Non-CPF Appropriations Requests only.

Application Instructions–PLEASE READ

1. General Funding Requests are DUE ON APRIL 4, 2024, by close of businessEarly submission is encouraged.

2. All requests must be submitted via E-MAIL at use the following format for the subject line of your e-mail: Organization’s Name followed by “FY25 General Funding Request” and, if you are submitting multiple project requests, “Request #1 of x.

3. Please do not submit your application by mail. If you require special accommodations, contact the office at (202) 225-4165 or via email at

4. Only FULLY COMPLETED forms will be considered. If any questions are not applicable, write "N/A." Do not leave any areas blank.

5. If you have multiple requests, submit each request SEPARATELY. Please do not request funding for more than one project on a single application form. We urge you to limit the number of requests. We also urge you to limit the documents of your submission to only the request form, a white paper, and information that is absolutely critical to understanding your request.

6. Please ensure all contact information is correct; additional information may be requested throughout the appropriations process to help understand, clarify, or justify the request.

7. Submission of a request DOES NOT guarantee that it will be automatically made to the House Appropriations Committee or that the Committee will honor the request.

Click the link below to download the application form:

FY2025 Appropriations Application Form

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