**We are committed to ensuring the safety of all our visitors. In light of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance to limit the spread of COVID-19, all tours are currently cancelled. We encourage you to visit our web page for updates on the status of tours. You are also welcome to contact us at (202)- 225-4165 with any questions or concerns regarding tours.**

All tickets are provided to my constituents on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to the large number of visitors, please request them as early as possible in order to maximize your chances. Admittance is determined by the individual tour site or agency, not by the Congressional office. Unless specified, tours are available Monday through Friday.

Please contact our office three to four months before your trip so that we can place a reservation. The White House Visitors Office releases dates for requests through an online portal 3 months ahead of time. Our office will do everything possible to secure you a tour, but tickets are difficult to obtain. It is not possible to request a specific time of day and tours can be as early as 7am. Tickets are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. We strongly recommend that you do not schedule your trip around the White House tour. Our office does not learn the status of your tour until one to two weeks before the date, so please go forward with your plans to visit Washington D.C. Tours are subject to cancellations or time changes.

This is restricted to residents of my district. Please enter your zip code to continue.

If you do not know the four digit +4 extension for your zip code, please check the U.S. Postal Service website for more information.

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