More information regarding Community Project Funding Requests for FY 2025 is coming soon.

In preparation, eligible entities (state and local governments and non-profits) are encouraged to prepare the following documentation to help streamline their applications:
  • Proof of non-profit status from IRS
  • Demonstrated community support documents:
    • Letters of support from elected officials (state and local)
    • Delaware community – Business owners in the area, advocates, target audience, etc
    • Press articles highlighting the need for the requested project
    • Resolution passed by city councils or boards
    • Projects listed on state-use plans or community development plans
  • One-page technical project description, scope of work, and location of where most of the work on the project will be carried out
  • Short background summary of requesting organizations history, mission, and communities served
  • Signed attestation letter
  • Detailed budget documents for the project with the following
    • Total project costs (federal appropriations and non federal funding)
    • Amount requested as a percentage of total project costs
    • Intended us of federal funds – capital improvements, salaries/expenses/operational costs, or any other intended uses
    • Other non-federal funding sources
    • Status and uses of funding from non-federal sources (i.e. solicited, received, obligated, etc). 

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