Blunt Rochester Statement on President Trump and House GOP Pulling ACA Repeal Bill

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Washington, March 23, 2017 | Courtney McGregor (202-816-9444) | comments
America deserves the best. So let’s give ours.
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WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Blunt Rochester issued the following statement after President Trump and the House GOP pulled the Affordable Care Act repeal bill:

“Twenty-four million Americans and tens of thousands of Delawareans would have lost coverage under the American Health Care Act. What happened today is a victory for them and all Americans. The Affordable Care Act insured tens of millions of Americans, added protections against gender discrimination, and ensured that those with preexisting conditions could still be covered. No one said the bill was perfect. Landmark legislation is always improved upon as time goes on.  

“My office received hundreds of calls from Delawareans urging us to oppose the bill. From people worried about losing their maternity care benefits, or losing emergency room services, to seniors worried about their ability to afford coverage at all, we heard your message loud and clear.

“I know in these polarizing times, we often forget that we are all, in fact, connected. We must do better and I hope after today’s bill being pulled, Republicans will finally be willing to work with us to find common sense solutions to improve the ACA by driving costs down while ensuring key protections and quality of coverage remain intact.

“America deserves the best. So let’s give ours.”  

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