Rep. Blunt Rochester Statement on Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Washington, November 17, 2022 | Andrew Donnelly (302-893-4406)

WASHINGTON – Today, Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester (D-Del.) issued the following statement following the news that Speaker Nancy Pelosi will no longer serve in House Leadership. 


“Speaker Nancy Pelosi will leave leadership as the most consequential and accomplished Speaker in American history. Serving as the first woman to lead the People’s House, Speaker Pelosi secured and guided prolific Democratic majorities - spanning through four presidencies - producing some of the most transformational legislation in our history. She authored and helped shepherd through Congress legislation that afforded millions of Americans health insurance, helped us recover from a global pandemic, rebuilt America’s infrastructure, and made the most significant investment ever to combat the climate crisis. 


“She was able to accomplish all of this because she always commanded the utmost respect from her caucus and her political opponents - leading with grit and grace. She presided over caucuses and Congresses that became increasingly representative of the remarkable beauty and diversity of America. 


“On a personal note, I have been fortunate to witness her strength and deep faith through successes and challenges. Her journey from ‘homemaker to House Speaker’ inspired me on my own journey from a widow to Delaware’s first Congresswoman. 


“In addition to her work for our country and the world, her devoted service to her constituents in San Francisco has never wavered. I’m thrilled that Speaker Pelosi will remain with us in Congress, not only to continue serving her constituents but to help guide and mentor the next generation of Democratic House leadership.


“Speaker Pelosi remarked that as a member of this institution, we’re stitched together with our colleagues that have preceded us in history. Those like Abraham Lincoln, Daniel Webster, Shirley Chisolm, and John Lewis. Speaker Pelosi will forever be among those names as a champion of our democracy. I’m proud to have served under her leadership.”

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