Reps. Blunt Rochester & Harshbarger Introduce Bipartisan Menopause Awareness and Research Bill

Washington, December 14, 2023 | Andrew Donnelly (302-893-4406)

WASHINGTON – Today, Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester (D-Del.) and Rep. Diana Harshbarger (R-Tenn.) introduced the We’re Addressing the Realities of Menopause (WARM) Act. The bill would create a national menopause public awareness campaign and fund research and education initiatives to develop evidence-based practices. 


By 2030, there will be 1.2 billion menopausal and postmenopausal women globally, with 47 million new entrants each year. Despite this significant number, many women enter menopause with little or no guidance. Symptoms such as hot flashes, brain fog, urinary problems, and depression can severely affect daily activities and work performance. The Mayo Clinic conducted a study estimating that the annual cost associated with lost work due to menopause symptoms is $1.8 billion. 


The WARM Act would help ensure that health care professionals and menopausal women have the most innovative tools, research, and best practices at their disposal. The introduction of the bill comes after Blunt Rochester welcomed actor, director, and activist, Halle Berry to Washington to discuss her experience with menopause and the need for enhanced awareness and research.


“Today, after too many women have suffered in silence, I’m proud to introduce the WARM Act as part of a menopause movement to raise awareness and improve research around this phase of women’s lives,” said Rep. Blunt Rochester. “I’m particularly proud that this is a bipartisan effort, and I want to thank Rep. Harshbarger for joining me in introducing the bill. Too many women, especially women of color and those in underserved areas, enter this important phase of life with little or no guidance. The bottom line is that women shouldn’t have to approach menopause with fear or uncertainty, and the WARM Act will ensure that health care professionals and women have the tools they need, not only to navigate menopause but to thrive during menopause.”


“As a community pharmacist for over three decades, addressing women’s health issues and the lack of awareness surrounding them, in particular, menopause, has been of the utmost priority, ” said Rep. Harshbarger. “I am honored to join my colleague, Rep. Blunt Rochester, in introducing the WARM Act, which will meet critical needs to raise awareness and improve the quality of care for women before, during, and after menopause. Women should not have to face uncertainty upon reaching menopause, and this common-sense, good-faith legislation will help ensure that women and healthcare providers alike have the tools and resources they need to live more healthy and full lives.”


The WARM Act would: 


  1. Create a Menopause Public Awareness Program:


  • Establish a national program, to increase awareness of menopause symptoms, related chronic conditions, and treatment options.
  • Promote the collaboration of various health agencies and organizations for evidence-informed policy and program development.
  • Create evidence-informed educational materials and resources, tailored for groups and communities most impacted.


2.                  Invest in Medical Education and Training Programs to Re-Tool Healthcare Professionals in Managing Menopause Symptoms And Related Conditions:


  • Enhance training programs, establish or improve academic units or programs, and develop evidence-informed practices.
  • Eligible entities include medical and nursing schools, hospitals, residency programs, etc.
  • Includes a focus on equitable distribution across the U.S. and partnerships with educational organizations.


3.                  Establish Regional Centers of Excellence in Menopause Education:


  • To enhance and improve how health professionals are educated in menopause through the development, evaluation, and distribution of evidence-based resources for health profession schools.



Full text of the bill can be found here.




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